Hitachi mobile excavator

Hitachi mobile excavator
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A Hitachi mobile excavator is an excavator of a very high quality. They are made with the greatest care and with the newest Japanese technology. The headquarters of Hitachi are in Amsterdam. Since Konijn Bouwmachines BV is located in Uitgeest, near those offices, we can easily get our hands on their mobile excavators.

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You can put your trust in a Hitachi mobile excavator

Hitachi is a Japanese company that has a wide range of products. Besides construction machinery, they also sell information and telecom systems, industrial systems, electronic equipment, and much more. The Hitachi mobile excavator is a wheeled excavator that allows you to travel easily between different construction sites. The earthmoving machines from Hitachi also have low-emission engines and their cabins allow you to have a good overview. Hitachi only uses materials of the highest quality. Besides mobile excavators, Hitachi also produces track excavators. You can find every machine you need in their collection. Another good Japanese excavator company is Komatsu. They also only produce excavators from the highest quality.

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When you choose a Hitachi mobile excavator, you choose the highest quality. Do you require more information about us or about our products? Contact us via our phone number +31 (0)251 727 020 or via our email address to request a quote. We will help you as much as we can and guide you towards the best product for your application.