Material handlers for sale

Material handlers for sale
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We at Konijn Bouwmachines BV have material handlers for sale because they are very useful for moving materials from one place to another. Material handlers are very specialised vehicles to move specific materials. Not every attachment has the same use, therefore you need to choose the right equipment for your usage.

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Material handlers with different undercarriages for sale

Every undercarriage of a material handler has its own application, so you can buy the one that fits your needs. A material handler is not only an earthmoving machine, but can also be used to move other materials. However, it is a very common construction machine and a lot of contractors use it. If you are in possession of one, but want to sell it, you can sell your construction machine to us. We have a lot of different crawler excavators for sale, of which a lot are already used, but still perfectly functional. A good alternative for a material handler, is a wheel loader, which we also have for sale. These machines have a bigger loading capacity, which allows you to move more materials.

Buy our machines to move your materials with ease

With the material handlers that we have for sale, you can easily move all of your materials from one place to another. It lightens the work on your construction site. Are you interested in buying a material handler? Contact us via our phone number +31 (0)251 727 020 or fill out our contact form.