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Sell crawler excavator
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You can sell a crawler excavator to Konijn Bouwmachines BV. If you want to buy or sell any kind of construction machine, we are your company. We try to provide our clients with what they need, but we can only do that if other people sell their crawler excavator to us. The more excavators we can buy, the more excavators we can sell and offer to our customers.

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How to sell a crawler excavator

If you want to sell a crawler excavator, the earthmoving machine should be in a good condition. Only then we will be able to sell it on to other customers. If the state of the machine isn’t good enough, we won’t buy it, because we won’t be able to sell it. We only put used crawler excavators for sale if they can still do the job. All the crawler excavators for sale at our company are inspected very thoroughly and fit the requirements for a second-hand machine. You can always come to our site to look at the crawler excavators we sell to inspect the state and the working hours of the machine.

Give your used machines a second life

If you don’t use your crawler excavator, it is better to sell it. Before you know it, it won’t work properly anymore, and you won’t be able to sell it. It also only takes up a lot of space for a machine that is just being idle. Sell us your machine and we will make sure it gets a second life and will be useful again.