Used Komatsu excavator

Used Komatsu excavator
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If you are looking for a second-hand earth mover, at Konijn Bouwmachines BV, we have a used Komatsu excavator in our collection. Komatsu is a company specialised in the manufacturing of construction machines. Komatsu excavators are renowned for their high-performance and even when already used, they can outperform other brands with their innovative technology.

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A used Komatsu excavator lasts a long time

Even though the Komatsu excavator has already been used when you buy it, it will last a long time. Their earthmoving machines have a GPS that can track the working hours. That way a new owner always exactly knows how much work the material handler has done. That makes a Komatsu excavator, the perfect excavator for a second-hand purchase. Most Komatsu excavators feature a hydraulic bucket to make digging easier. Komatsu is a highly rated Japanese brand, but it’s not the only Japanese brand in the business. Another highly rated Japanese company is Hitachi. They manufacture different kinds of excavators, but especially the Hitachi mobile excavator is a top-selling excavator.

Buy an excavator from this renowned brand

When you choose Komatsu, you choose high quality. Even though it’s a used Komatsu excavator, it will still manage the job as good as a new one. We checked the excavator on flaws and only add it to our collection when it’s perfectly functional. Get some more information about our policy by contacting us. We will provide you with answers.