Used mini excavator

Used mini excavator
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Although they are used, a mini excavator from the collection of Konijn Bouwmachines BV can still perform with high quality. Such excavators are very compact and light, but still very powerful. They perform best in tiny spaces where bigger excavators cannot reach. These diggers mostly don’t extend their carriage, which makes it very useful in the smallest of places.

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A used excavator for every need

There are different kinds of mini excavators, which we have in a used condition. Some are more useful for the reconstruction of streets, other excavators are very common with contractors. All our used earthmoving machines, such as our mini excavators are inspected very thoroughly to determine their functionality. When you work as a gardener and have a big, ongoing reconstruction of a garden, buying a mini excavator will help you a lot. On a construction site, a used mini excavator can also come in very handy, but for the bigger work, a large crawler excavator will be more useful. It will allow you to reach greater heights and a larger area.

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A big excavator is very useful for great heights, but a used mini excavator allows you to complete smaller work with the same high-performance. If you’re not sure whether you have to use a mini excavator or a bigger one for the job you have, contact us. Let us guide you towards the right machine.