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When you buy a mini excavator at Konijn Bouwmachines BV, you get your hands on a compact machine. It is very reliable and versatile and can function almost everywhere. It combines good digging power with the ability to move smoothly and quickly through tiny spaces. Because a mini excavator isn’t very big, it’s also very easy for transport.

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Buy your own mini excavator

A mini excavator always comes in handy, which makes it a good idea to buy one. That way, you won’t have to rent one every time you need one. It’s a small investment, but the earthmoving machine will last long and you won’t regret your purchase. Most of the mini excavators you buy from us, feature tracks as undercarriages. However, some of them are wheeled excavators. Different undercarriages have different uses. Because we sell both types, you can buy the mini excavator which best suits your application. If you don’t want to spend too much money on an excavator, we also sell used mini excavators.

Buy an excavator and increase your productivity

When you buy a mini excavator, you will be able to upgrade your construction site to a higher level. A mini excavator can reach the smaller spaces and is much more mobile than a regular excavator. Find the mini excavator that best suits your application in our product range. If you have some extra questions, don’t hesitate to email them to or call us on +31 (0)251 727 020 to get an immediate response.