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You can find new and used dumpers for sale at Konijn Bouwmachines BV. A dumper is a very useful machine for the supply and disposal of earth and waste at your construction site. A dumper can come with different undercarriages. A tracked dumper will move easier on rough ground, while a wheeled dumper is faster and moves smoother.

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Our dumpers for sale are of high quality

In the industry of earth moving machines, a dumper is one of the best to move a lot of earth at the same time and over a long distance. They are excellent material handlers and can be used for any material laying on your construction site. We have new dumpers and used dumpers for sale so you don’t have to spend too much money on a new one, when a used one can do the trick. All the construction machines that we buy from other people undergo a quality-check to see whether they are still functioning properly. That way you can be sure all the dumpers that are for sale with us, are still fully functioning.

Boost your productivity with our dumpers

Discover how you can boost your productivity with the new and used dumpers that we have for sale. The materials at your construction site will be moved with ease and at a big amount. When you need to move the materials over a longer distance, we recommend a wheel loader. They are very useful over longer distances and can move somewhat faster. Do you want to know more about our products? Contact us and buy your dumper from us.